Welcome to COPE Health Scholars!

Become a part of the health care workforce!

COPE Health Scholars offers individuals interested in health care professions with unparalleled experiential education in a health care environment. Our programs are tailored to allow high school, college, and professional school students to interact with health care professionals and explore career opportunities in the allied health professions, nursing, medicine, and health care administration.

Our unique programs provide unprecedented direct patient care experiences in clinical settings. Our programs are designed to allow pre-health professionals to interact directly with health care professionals and to explore potential career opportunities in allied health, nursing and medicine.

For High School Students: Junior Health Scholar program (Individuals 16-18 years of age)

A pre-health program designed to offer high school students exposure to health careers under the guidance of a mentor in a clinical setting.

For Aspiring Health Care Professionals: Health Scholar (Individuals 18 years of age and over) 

A hands-on clinical certification course in which participants experience direct patient contact. Program participants rotate among different clinical and administrative departments in a health care setting while learning alongside health care professionals as members of the patient care team.

For Nursing and Allied Health Students: Health Professions Scholar Program 

COPE Health Scholars and its partner health care employers recognize the challenges that staff and students face with pursuing professional health care educational goals. Whether your goal is to become a nurse, respiratory therapist or other allied health professional, the Health Professions Scholar Program may be able to help!

For Foreign-Trained Health Professionals: Global Health Experiences

Global Health Experiences provide unparalleled experiential education and health care learning opportunities for international students and health care professionals in U.S. health care facilities and amongst U.S. health care professionals.